Xanthan Gum

Its specialy produced as mud additive for oil drilling and exploitation, being an enviroment friendly and high effecienymud additive, Oil Drilling & Exploitation grade Xanthan Gum has an excellent tolerance to the changes of temperture, Acid, Alkine and salt

Meanwhite, it can extremly increase the products penetrating ability and suspending performance to small solid materilas. And reduce the pressure lise druing drilling. This Xanthan Gum Can no only fasten the well bore but decrease the damage to oil formation.

Ita can also greatly raise the efficiency of drilling, workover and completion, As a biotype oil driver, Ril Drilling and Exploitation  Grade Xanthan Gum can imporve oil extraction rate and utilization factor of natural resources


The more important point is that it can furthest protect natural enviroment