About us

Our Vision


Since 2008 MK Vision is to build a high performance work force that settles for nothing but the best in work ethics and business processes. Integrity, Reliability and Efficiency,  are keynotes for our employees in imperative positions, that  guarantees superior product quality, customer service, and value.



Missions & Objectives


Mission is to retain market leadership, and to direct all energies towards this goal.

Driven by innovative & collaborative business processes, MK strives for excellence in business ethics, from striking a long lasting relationship to closing a deal and finally delivering products.


Mk Co. Values

Integrity & Respect: We demand adherence to the highest ethical standards, we demand strict compliance with all local, federal and international laws and regulations, unwavering efforts toward the highest quality in all areas, and indisputable respect for safety, health and the environment.

We work urgently and intensely to create ways to bring added value to our customers and to open new markets for our products.

Competition: We strive for excellence in our endeavors. We listen to our customers, suppliers and markets, and we compete aggressively to exceed their expectations using teamwork, leadership and self-confidence. We seize opportunities with urgency, persistence and courage.



Reliability is our strength: Westrive to be dynamic while maintaining close contacts with our customers and suppliers. Only then can the intensive co-operation between supplier and end-user be realized. This method of coordination has been highly appreciated by our customers and suppliers . We ensure our people are well equipped with a high degree of knowledge and competence required in order to cope with rapidly advancing technology.